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koan_sound__funk_blaster_by_evoraflux-d5wckx8                           Yesterday I was informed here that it was the one year anniversary of The Rhythmic Nucleus here on WordPress. The first reaction that came to mind was to question whether or not it was egocentrically correct to celebrate something that I created. Of course it is. The idea of the Rhythmic Nucleus as a narrative concept was one of the longest gestating creative ideas that I’ve ever had. Most of the time creative acts tended to arrive rather randomly. The idea of this came from more than half a decade of discussion with two men I am going to give the most credit for helping me create this. One of these men is my own father,the very first person who opened up dialog’s and discussions with me about the subject of music.

                           Few father and son relationships are perfect. But since nine times out of ten the topic of music brings my father and I together,he is the first person I want to thank for inspiring this. The idea of the blog itself derived from conversations with another person I often mention here. Someone just as directly responsible for the subject matter of this blog as my father. Henrique Hopkins of Oakland,California has helped to metaphorically help create a funk nucleus chain reaction as it were-giving me first hand information from one of the key sources of the music that inspired this blog. To my father and Henrique I want to thank you both for your enthusiastic help,advice and caring.

                           One of the serendipitous things about this article is that it is the 90th one made on this blog. So that’s also reason to celebrate. Several months ago I came to the conclusion that in terms of the writing here,I was starting to run out of road. So this is the perfect time to announce that,following my 100th article on this blog,posts will no longer be posted on a weekly basis. While there was a brief summer vacation this year,articles after this will be posted more sporadically. Another reason for this has to do with the fact that,although this blog has proven more popular than I expected,it isn’t quite receiving the levels of readership that would necessitate the struggle to come up with new ideas for writing here-rather than letting inspiration flow as it has been thus far.

                            To conclude this article,it was again Henrique who inspired the question I am about to answer. Several days ago while he discussed this blog he asked the seemingly simple question: was I writing this blog to satisfy myself or others? Funny how obvious questions have such obscure answers sometimes. In this case,the answer to anyone else asking this question is both of those reasons define this blog. It has been very satisfying to present my own ideas. Yet at the same time it is often far more satisfying when others receive something from it as well. It’s the synergy of giving and receiving. A similar synergy as is the combination of jazz,blues,African and Latin rhythmic ideas that came together to create funk music in the first place. So a very happy anniversary for this blog. And to those readers from the United States,a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow as well!


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  1. 45spin says:

    It’s true, My son & I have are very much the same in that we share music as our one thing in common. As a result we have started to go to a few concerts of bands we both like.

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