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The Rhythmic Nucleus Presents: Andre’s Top 50 List For 2013

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                                   One of the main purposes of creating this blog in the first place was to inform. To inform readers that,despite their heavy ubiquity,that popular music stretches far beyond what is promoted to the public-both in terms of the breadth of styles and availability of the music itself. Of course the filter through which I view most music was as influenced by my father: meaning the jazz/blues/soul/funk spectrum was at the core of my musical perceptions from the outset. Yet rock ‘n roll was also integrated into that. So the musical education I received was genuinely and healthily very universal and eclectic. Since its only been since 2007 that I seriously began to embrace new music again,its become clear that 2013 (so far the entire 2010’s) have presented a clear headed and quality level of new music. The past issues such as the musical credibility wars and complete lack of well rounded critical assessment are showing signs of soon becoming a thing of the past.

                                       Inspired by the tireless efforts of my friend Thomas Carley-nightly posting lists and songs online to Facebook to give exposure to talented yet unsung musical artists whom he’s antiquated with and even returning to school to learn the level of web design to facilitate a social networking site for such musical artists,I am devoting this next to last posting on this blog to discuss both the albums and singles that have significantly moved me during this year. While I acknowledge freely that music should not be aggressively labeled for purposes of extreme greediness,categorizing music in terms of the environment and culture from which it derived can actually be very healthy and artist friendly. So in this case I am dividing up 25 songs,followed by 25 albums from which those songs were derived. Please enjoy and seek out this music on your own. Overall,2013 pointed the way towards a healthy and creatively vital musical future for the planet Earth.

1. Love Starved-Teena Marie
2.New Life-Jim James
3.The Truth (Shall Set You Free)-Paul Hardcastle
4.In My Mouth-Todd Rundgren
5.Blaming Something-Jamie Lidell
6.Back On Track-Joan Armatrading
7.Don’t Stop-Brian McKnight
8.Got To Let My Feelings Show-Bluey
9.Something About You (Love The World)-LL Cool J
10.Get Lucky-Daft Punk
11.Do You Remember-Brand New Heavies
12. Oh Sheit It’s X-Thundercat
13.The Stars Are Ours-Mayer Hawthorne
14.Ooo La La-Robin Thicke
15.Center Stage-Capital Cities
16.Ghetto Woman-Janelle Monae
17.Blue Ocean Floor-Justin Timberlake
18.Dorothy Dandridge Eyes-Janelle Monae
19.Take Back The Night-Justin Timberlake
20.If You Knew Then-The Foreign Exchange
21.Long Weekend-Trombone Shorty
23.A Couple Of Forevers-Chrisette Michele
24.Fashion!-Lady Gaga
25. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-Mary J. Blige

26.Beautiful-Teena Marie
27.Manifestra-Erin McKeown
28.Regions Of Light And Sound Of God-Jim James
29.VII-Paul Hardcastle
30.Memphis-Boz Scaggs
31.Time-Rod Stewart
32.Random Access Memories-Daft Punk
34.Electric-Pet Shop Boys
35.DreamWeaver-George Duke
36.Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke
38. Wassaic Way-Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion
39.In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery-Capital Cities
40.Hacienda-The Jeff Lorber Fusion
41.The Electric Lady-Janelle Monae
42.Now,Then & Forever-Earth Wind & Fire
43.The Diving Board-Elton John
44.Love In Flying Colors-The Foreign Exchange
45.The 20/20 Experience Vol.1-Justin Timberlake
46.Days Are Gone-Haim
47.New-Paul McCartney
48.When The Night-St.Lucia
49.Say That To This-Trombone Shorty
50.Free Your Mind-Cut/Copy

Below I am providing links to this years series of Amazon.com guides that illustrate in more detail the music discussed here. I have also reviewed all of these albums on Amazon. You can find these reviews under my own name through these guides by clicking on each individual album. Depending on how many reviews the album receives,this may take a few minutes. But I aims to please,so do take the time to look. You might like what you find. I am also posting a link to Mr.Carley’s website Tom’s Music Place,where he has actually been kind enough to a similar list to this one along with similar ones from himself and his other friends. Please support Thomas Carley and others like him in the mission to give creative musical artists the recognition and support they deserve. Enjoy the music,peace,love and positive attitudes for 2014 and all the years to come. Thank you!

Hear Some Of The Best Music In The Soulful Spectrum Of 2013:


Hear Some Of The Best Music In The Audio Spectrum Of 2013:


Hear Some Of The Music I Passed On In 2013:


Tom’s Music Place



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