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The Rhythmic Nucleus Says Farewell And A Happy New Year To Come!

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                                                                 When I started this blog in November of 2012,there was more of a firm concept about the subject matter than the blog itself. I didn’t know how long it was going to last,or if it would even be of interest to anyone. After all a blog usually isn’t something self satisfying. Its the same as with literature. Books are written to be read,and so are blogs. That firm concept I started with was basically to show people how that rhythmic pattern people heard in Congo Square in New Orleans before the American Civil War  has continued to be at the core of every popular music-even up to the most modern dubstep electronica music. About how building the melody and everything else on that basic “rhythmic nucleus” is the point where music parallels how people build their own lives. Not entirely sure if what was written here always fully transmitted that intention. But one thing I do know for sure is that,to many readers it was successful on that level.

                                                                  As I mentioned on the anniversary on this blog,I have decided to close down this blog after its 100th post. As mentioned at that point,this particular subject matter seems to have been reflected very thoroughly here. Also as I went on writing on this blog,the topics began to become quite a lot broader than merely scholarly discourse on the jazz/funk/soul spectrum of music. Themes of generationalism and the human perception of music,as well as the sociological conditions surrounding that,also began to play heavily into it. So the other day as this blog was coming down to the wire,I had a conversation with my friend and inspiration for this blog-Mister Henrique Hopkins,about what I am announcing to you right now: after much thought,I realized that I don’t want to do away with a music based WordPress blog. So he and I have agreed to a partially collaborative blog with Henrique.

                                                                        I will not be posting on the blog as often as I did with this one. And every other blog will be a music-based contribution from Henrique as well. The subject matter of the blogs will be in the musically eclectic arena-expanding on the themes that this blog had begun to explore as it evolved. Funk,jazz and soul will of course continue to play a huge part in it. However much much more will be discussed as well. Some of what this new blog will talk about may or may not have the same level of personalized content as this. It will be about consistent growth and evolution. One of the things that helped me define this more expansive approach to music related blogging is the return to genuine musical diversity I’ve noticed within the year I’ve had this. Sometimes its appropriate to be balanced even in how much of a non conformist one is. After all each of us have different aspects to our personality over time. They are like whole  different people. As actor Matt Smith said during his final appearance in Doctor Who,we all have to keep moving so long as we don’t forget all those people we used to be.

                                                                              In conclusion I would of course like to thank my father and Henrique for being the main sources of inspiration in my blog. Though I have disagreed with both on many occasions,for many different reasons we have all continued to learn new things from each other as time goes on. The presence of these two knowledgeable and experienced male figures in my life have really bought the whole spectrum of emotion one gains from new knowledge they receive: the joy,the excitement,the surprises,the hope,the wonder and sometimes even the disappointment. And the best parts are when it all happens at once. Life is like music. To make it all go well,you need to be well rounded on some level at least-both in the way you critique it and the way you deal with it. A lot of people today would like to think they know everything. But we cannot know everything if we are to truly become ourselves.  Additionally I’d like to thank Thomas Carley and Henry Cooper who have also been extremely helpful in inspiring this blog. For  the year or so of The Rhythmic Nucleus,it’s been fun. Happy 2014 to come every one around the world. Good evening everybody!


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  1. Good you didn’t stop the blog. Great piece of writing and v. informative to say the least. I’ll have to return and read, and reread

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